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Without publicity: there are now “private” transfers in the Ethermine pool

To increase trading performance on DEX, the Ethermine pool has introduced the service of “private” transfers Private Remote Procedure Call Endpoint for Ethereum (ETH). This feature has already been added to the wallet Metamask. 

The innovation will allow traders of DeFi platforms to carry out monetary transactions with tokens exclusively through Ethermine servers and blocks that are mined by the pool itself. At the same time, without publicity in the network space. Thus, MEV will be able to have less impact, and transactions will be protected from interceptions. 

The active privacy service of monetary transactions gives the user the opportunity to make transactions through Ethermine nodes, blocking availability for accessible memory pool. To perform the operation, the user needs to find a “Custom RPC” in the Metamask wallet, and then build the final path of the operation to the Ethermine server. For knowledgeable traders, this is a reduction in commission and the effect of “slippage” of orders. 

In the first free block that Ethermine will get, “private” transfers will be included. In the case of the “Uncle Block”, financial transactions can fall into a accessible memory pool. The risk of such a hit is minimal – up to 5%, but it is important to remember this. 

As it is known from the latest data, the work of one of the largest mining pools Sparkpool has come under repression in China. Therefore, Sparkpool users are no longer served in this country. The equally significant bitcoin mining pool P2pool turned out to be in the same position. 

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