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Two leading services in China were blocked

Two analytical portals that broadcast about cryptocurrency, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, have been blocked for those who live in mainland China. Portal analysts were unable to establish the exact time of blocking. However, using the tool They concluded that China carried out the blocking. The 8BTC news portal also confirmed this data. 

Company CoinGecko, in response to the blocking, stated that it had undertook nothing regarding Chinese users’ access to the resource. 


As is known, serious oppression has begun in the cryptocurrency market in China. And in this regard, VPN services are gaining popularity, which perfectly bypass blocking. The Telegram service is also not far behind in popularity. 

The information source says that most of the admins who were associated with the cryptocurrency chats of the WeChat messenger (China) were simply forced to change the names of their groups, some deleted them altogether and then switched to Telegram. So, there is a possibility that the Chinese authorities will not pursue them. 

The sphere of cryptocurrencies on September 24 again fell into the field of repressive actions by the Chinese government. The State Committee for Development and Reform of the People’s Republic of China stressed that mining has a negative impact on the ecology of the country, and the contribution to the Chinese economy is “scanty”. 

After such statements and actions, two companies Binance and Huobi stopped registering new Chinese users. Alibaba, a large-scale commercial online resource, announced the ban of bitcoin miners on its own platform. 

As is known one of the largest pools for mining Ethereum SparkPool announced that Chinese users will no longer be able to use their resource, and later on the termination of the company’s work outside China. 

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