Companies giants buy equipment to increase their hashrate

Recently, HIVE announced the purchase of 4,000 units of equipment, and at the same time Marathon is purchasing 30,000 units of equipment. HIVE orders Canaan 4,000 bitcoin miners The world-famous cryptocurrency production network, HIVE...

Co-founder of Bitmain announced his departure!

Nothing lasts forever, and even large companies and market leaders need changes. It is regrettable that sometimes changes begin with a change of leading persons in the enterprise. However, it is quite possible that...

Innosilicon’s T2-Turbo Bitcoin Miner is Powerful, But GMO’s B3 is Still the Champ

Bitcoin mining is a very competitive industry. It has grown exponentially over the last few years. During the last nine months, there’s been a bunch of new entrants joining the mining rig manufacturing business like GMO Group, Halong Mining, and Ebang. Now there’s a new firm that has partnered with Samsung’s semiconductor foundry called, Innosilicon, which has launched the Terminator 2-Turbo that claims to boost the machine’s hashrate speeds up to 24 trillion hashes per second (TH/s).

Bitmain Launches Key Crypto Mining Facility in Texas

Bitmain Technologies Ltd. is launching a crypto mining facility and blockchain data center in the U.S. state of Texas at a former aluminum smelting facility with a recently-retired coal power station. The company is...

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