TOP best altcoins. What to invest in the outgoing 2019?

Summing up the results of this year, experts from various financial cryptocurrency financial agencies identified a number of the most successful altcoins. Information provided by publications, including Cointelegraph. Each of the presented coins has...

The Daily: Altcoin Panic, Stablecoin Takeover

There’s blood in the streets, the water and everywhere else you may care to look today as the cryptocurrency market plunges below $200 billion with a vengeance. We’ve got the reaction from across the...

Cryptowhispers: Binance Token Listing Quote – 400 BTC

Tantalizing, unconfirmed rumors are bouncing from crypto Twitter, and this time it’s Expanse co-founder Christopher Franko leading the charge. Mr. Franko insists he was quoted 400 bitcoin core (BTC), roughly $2.5 million as of this writing, for a token listing on the exchange Binance. On the cross accusation that he is lying, Mr. Franko further insisted “I literally have nothing to gain from this.”

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