How to recover stolen coins with NiceHash

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  1. Jasmine Jones says:

    I was a victim of crypto currency scam few months back

  2. Jasmine Jones says:

    Please be careful with most Crypto investment companies, do your research before investing and avoid double your money schemes. I hope someone can learn and not make such a huge mistake like I did. Not everyone will be so lucky to “recover” or “get back” their lost or stolen coins.

    I took some huge loan from my bank April last year and I invested in bitcoin when btc was between $6000  — $8000 and by January this year I already made a good return on my investment, then I decided to invest in other cryptocurrency with a promising future and after much consideration and research I was persuaded by a colleague at work that dogecoin is the best and it’s shooting for the moon like they always say.

    He then introduced me to register on a website dogeminer. cc and their website seems reliable and promising with hope of getting some Crypto equity like my colleague at work. I created an account and I was told to make payment to their dogecoin wallet address so I swapped my BTC to BUSD and then to dogecoin. I invested 200000 dogecoin twice and another 5000000 dogecoin and after my last investment the website was down and has been closed since then.

    My colleague also lost his remaining investment. After few months of looking for help here and there on how to get back my dogecoin I came across a post on quora on how to recover a dogecoin from scammers I followed the steps and send them a mail at Recovercyberscams @ qualityservice . com and they responded immediately, I briefed them on how I was scammed and they asked me to provide the wallet address I sent the dogecoin into and other details.

    I was told to wait for few hours and I got my dogecoin back after waiting for about 6 hours and few minutes. I don’t know how they managed to pull that off but I am very grateful that I finally got back my dogecoin and then I immediately told my colleague about the miracle and he did contacted them and he also got back his coins .

    It’s a sad thing that evil people keep robbing innocent people of their life savings and it’s evil. You can use their services at Recovercyberscams @qualityservice. com if you have lost your cryptocurrency or refer someone who does. They are reliable, fast and trustworthy.

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