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BEST 10 Bitcoin Mining Software & Apps for Every Crypto Miner in the Year of 2021

Final Judgement Verdict

The Software Problems that a Cryptocurrency Miner Might Face

How We Chose the Best Software to Mine Bitcoins

Types of Software for Miners

Below we provide an overview of 10 best Bitcoin mining programs that are present on the market. For success in this risky market, you should make the best decision when choose a software. It should be comfortable to work with as well as functional. It should be totally consistent and adjusted to your available pieces of equipment and extracted cryptocurrency.

Our not Full List of 10 Mining Software

#1) CGMiner

 The most commonly used today’s software for Bitcoin mining. It is an open source ASIC/FPGA multi-threaded multi-pool miner. It is written in C. It is suitable for Linux, Windows and OS X. It supports binaries for RPi, OpenWrt routers and others. It includes remote interface capabilities, multi-GPU support, it detects new blocks by itself, has fan speed control, and CPU mining support.

The software is here as cross-platform as it is provided for various devices and platforms. Users can find online all the data they need to learn how to start with this software. As for cons, we can refer to the command line only. This feature might make a start for beginning miners difficult.

#2) Claymore

Claymore is a dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU paid software. It might be called universal. Developers take two minutes of every hour of your software operation. Pros are numerous and undoubtful. For instance, available technical support. Developers also regularly improve the software version. The tool might be also used without any fee but not at full capacity.

It is intended for mining on video cards, also simultaneously on AMD and NVIDIA. The command line is also here for control with in-colour-highlighted parameters.  The latest versions allow to mine Bitcoin, as well as Dogicoin, Komodo, Litecoin, Monero, and finally ZCash.

#3) BTCMiner 

Open source with a USB interface for programming and communication. Among its pros we highlight its ability to choose the frequency with the top rate of valid hashes and no license needed. BTCMiner  runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It has good compatibility with ASIC, GPU, and FPGA. It is more suitable for advanced miners.

#4) BFGMiner

Modular ASIC/FPGA miner. The software was written in C. it is equipped with dynamic clocking, monitoring, as well capabilities of as remote interface.

With this software our miners might mines multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time

It can be run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. There is compatibility with ASIC and FPGA. It is best suitable for advanced users and not for beginners.

#5) MultiMiner 

MultiMiner has such features as a clean GUI, automated hardware detection and mining. It is and cross-platform compatible. It is the best for ease of use. The software has graphical user interface and automated mining capabilities. It is adjusted for Windows. Some advanced miners say that the software is not enough in terms of customization. Besides, in case of Linux and MacOS, the solution requires some extra software.

Easy switching between mining rigs, including GPUs, ASICs, and FPGAs. Direct access to API settings and engine arguments. Free download and usage.

#6) Awesome Miner

Powerful software for those miners who prefer multiple mining rigs and miner’s pools from one dashboard. The best centralized management software. It supports over 50 mining engines vand has customized triggers and actions. It runs on any computer, tablet, and smartphone. Cons are that there is no software for MacOS. It is also not for beginners.

Free for those who want to download and/or use the software.

#7) Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is a software that is simple in its setup with advanced settings and automated mining feature. It is fully transparent. Enables total control of every device. You can have a full overview of several mining farms on one site. This will improve your decisions and strategies with less manual intervention. It includes a desktop application and web console to run monitoring, do remote management and optimisation. Suitable on Windows, Linux or CudoOS. Might be closed by miners of all levels of experience, knowledge, and skills.

#8) Criptex

Criptex also generates crypto currency. Simple in use and easy in installation and fast start for beginners. Easy in progress control.  One of the best features of the software is the lite mode function. The lite mode to use a device at a lower percentage for mining. 

Not enough management of power consumption of a graphics card. Not easy to have user’s money out. Only intended for Bitcoin miners and not for other cryptocurrencies (that depend on GPU).

#9) BeMine

Cloud mining project powered by ASIC hardware for wide range of miners. Promising and flexible service to meet needs of newcomers and advanced miners. Various digital assets to work with, multiple options for equipment purchase/rent/sale. No need in close involvement in the process. 

Cloud and Android support. 

#10) Easyminer

Free of charge but powerful software to bitcoin or other cryptocurrency miners

Open-sourced, can be customized or adjusted.

Supports the getwork and Stratum mining protocols. Both solo and pooled mining.

Unique security with round rubin ssd servers to prevent hacking of accounts or cryptocurrency stealing. Convenient graphical interface for GGminer, BFGMiner, and other wide-spread console miners.

Final Judgement Verdict

We have overviewed a number of solutions for Bitcoin miners. The list is neither comprehensive, nor ultimate in terms of features that we have compared. We will end with the following conclusion.

There are multiple solutions for Bitcoin mining software in the market. They are regularly improved and are different in terms of reputation, and ease of use and other features that might be compared.

CGMiner is our top  as the open-source platform might be used on any machine and mining rig.

Advanced users will definitely prefer BFGMiner as the best solution for customization capacity, capacity to detect and start idle threads and support mining of multiple cryptocurrencies. 

For beginners we recommend MultiMiner with its simple graphical user-friendly interface. It also supports automated hardware detection and mining features.

Advanced users should also pay attention to Awesome Miner with its mentioned best centralized management and compatibility with popular mining algorithms. It allows miners to deal with multiple rigs and miner’s pools from one comprehensive dashboard.

The Software Problems that a Cryptocurrency Miner Might Face

The complicated math is a problem as it needs expensive computing power. 

We may also point out to problems of legislative and ethic nature when using malware miners get access (often unauthorized) to public Wi-Fi networks to reach devices of other network users. In this way they access users’ laptops to use them for mining.

Websites and the software that beginners load from them might become another problem. Attackers might load software for unauthorised mining onto users’ devices without legal users’ permission. In this way, we say about crypto jacking. And those miners who are not criminals and just want to learn more about mining or just upload something for trial without deep thinking face this risk and might become crypto jacking victims themselves.

Crypto jacking usually slows down functioning of equipment and forces you to pay much more for utility. Crypto jacked devices can overheat, and this might cause total destruction.

How We Chose the Best Software to Mine Bitcoins

Every miner should keep in mind that financial markets are a risky area for both beginners and experience participants. So, each your action or decision (even when you choose the best software and compare its principles of functioning and types) should be well thought, well-informed and elaborated. And it does not matter whether you are a trader or a miner.

When we choose the best mining software, we analyse whether it is open-source or not and the most commonly used by today’s Bitcoin miners.  The best Bitcoin software should undoubtedly include some remote interface capabilities, things to support multi-GPU, be capable to detect new blocks by itself, have fan speed control, and support in the process of CPU mining.

We also consider whether the software runs on Android, Linux and Windows. We appreciate a graphical user interface as well as people mostly want easy visualization of their Bitcoin mining experience.

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