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3 services have become MetaMask partners

The MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, which is one of the most popular in the world, has acquired 3 depository partners to cooperate with DeFi projects together. These are Cactus Custody, BitGo and Qredo. 

Representatives of MetaMask note the purpose of such a partnership is to attract institutional investors to the new MetaMask Institutional project, which thanks to it will be able to access large-scale financing in order to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) in the market. 

MetaMask Institutional was released in May 2021. Institutional investors get the same functionality as in the main wallet and browser. The new solution differs in the way of storing private keys. Qualified custodians will be responsible for their safety. Therefore, the user can be calm. Among other functions, there is also the ability to analyze transactions. 

Companies have received an excellent way to access DeFi, which uses the highest-rated browser in the field of decentralized finance. It also has a high level of security. 

As is known, the MetaMask wallet is the most widely used cryptocurrency wallet. In April 2021, the program already had more than 5 million users. August broke all records when there were 10 million users. The popularity of blockchain and NFT games contributed here.

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